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Kit German Battleship Bismarck 1/200 wooden boat Amati


The Bismarck was the first Bismarck-class battleship built for the Kriegsmarine under Nazi Germany. Named after the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck who was one of the architects of German unification in the nineteenth century, she was, with her sister ship the Tirpitz, the largest warship used by Germany.

Code: 1614
Scale: 1:200
Length: 127 cm
Width: 18.2 cm
Height: 29.20 cm

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The launch of the Bismark took place on February 14, 1939 in Hamburg in the presence of Hitler, Raeder, Keitel, Göring, Goebbels, Hess, Ribbentrop, Himmler, Bormann and von Schirach, to emphasize the importance that was given to the event.

Ernst Lindemann was placed under his command and sea trials began in the Baltic Sea. In March 1941, he carried out firing tests at Gotenhafen and finally began training as a team with the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen.

The commander of the OKM (Oberkommando der Marine), Admiral Raeder, decided to use the Bismarck to protect surface ships from interference from British battleships, as well as, of course, to attack merchant ships supplying Britain. This is why, in early April, the team was ordered to head for the Atlantic, where it would return to the Gneisenau to engage merchant traffic bound for Great Britain. This was what the British Admiralty had long feared. The operation, called Operation Rheinübung, presented an extremely high potential danger to merchant traffic, which was the artery from which Britain, isolated from Europe, was supplied. Admiral Günther Lütjens was placed at the head of the naval group.

Code: 1614
Scale: 1:200
Length: 127 cm
Width: 18.2 cm
Height: 29.20 cm

Pre-cut laser parts in a very precise way, wood and fittings of good quality, plans and detailed assembly instructions.

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