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Reference: PT-35

Brand: ZAP

Epoxy glue 15min 118ml Z-Poxy ZAP PT35

Epoxy glue, drying in 15 minutes. ZAP PT35 Ideal in fibreglass or carbon fuselage and shells and on polystyrene. For a medium drying between the 5min which can be a little too fast depending on the collages to be performed and the 30min which is sometimes a little long.

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Reference: PT-40

Brand: ZAP

Finish 354ml Z - ZAP PT40 epoxy resin

Resin finish odorless, drying in 6 to 8 hours. Easy sanding. For fabrics of glass and formwork of wings, compatible with many polyester resins. Best performance on: metals, wood, glass, ceramics, fabrics and pottery. Total 354 ml vials Contains: 1 - bottle of resin (177ml) 1 - bottle of hardener (177ml)

Price €22.50

Reference: PT-36

Brand: ZAP

Glue Epoxy 5 min 28g Z-epoxy ZAP PT36

Fast drying epoxy glue, 5 minutes. Easy to use with syringes of distribution. Ideal in the field. Best performance on: metal, wood, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, jewelry and most plastic materials. 28-gram syringes.

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Reference: PT-42

Brand: ZAP

ZAP PT42 blue net brake

ZAP blue brake-net product, avoiding loosening of screws and nuts due to vibrations.- The parts remain easily removable with classic tools.- 6 ml bottle.

Price €4.17
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