General conditions of sales

Article 1 - Scope

1 - 1 Next Model RC is a GmbH whose headquarters is located RD1006 73490 LA RAVOIRE. SIRET: 524 141 173 00020

1-2 Next Model RC reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time the present general conditions of sale.These terms and conditions apply to all orders the Next Model RC company
In case of modification, it will be applied to each order the general sales conditions in force on the day of the order.
1 - 3 whole (s) command (s), as (s) that set (s) in section 3, expressly implies acceptance without reservation to the present general conditions of sale, which take precedence over all other conditions.

Article 2 – Products and rights to products
2 - 1 the images, logos and texts used by Next Model RC are protected. Any unauthorized use of these is therefore prohibited.

2 - 2 the images related to the products are not contractual. Refer to the description of the product and its designation.

Article 3 - Command 3-1 when validating a quote or an order form, you declare accept all of the terms and conditions General of sale fully and without reservation, and your order. This validation as well as all of the computer data recorded by Next Model RC are regarded as being worth proof of our transactions.3 - 2 all orders received at the Next Model RC company is considered firm and final subject to the provisions relating to the period of withdrawal.

It will be an acknowledgement of receipt by electronic mail. 3 - 3 the date of validation of the order is:

The date of notification of the payment for a bank transfer

The date of the receipt of the cheque in case of payment by chequeArticle 4 - Price - payment 4 - 1 Next Model RC reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but will eNGAGE therefore to apply the rates in force which have been indicated to you at the time of your order.

The prices are expressed in euros, all taxes included, fee packing and delivery excluded.4 2 the amount of packing and delivery expenses specified in article 5 of the present general conditions of sale.
4 - 3 an invoice will be attached to your parcel.

4 - 4 payments may be made by cheque, bank transfer and soon by credit card.For payment by cheque, this must be issued by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France or Monaco and your order will be shipped 10 days after the receipt thereof.

  • 4-5 the products remain the property of the Next Model RC company until full payment of the price by the Next Model RC company.
  • However from the delivery (filing of the package at the post office), the risks of the delivered goods are transferred to the customer.

Article 5 - Delivery 5-1 paid products will be delivered by carrier, to the address of delivery indicated in the order.

Depending on the size and the quantity of products ordered and paid, the delivery may be carried out through separate mailings.5 - 2 in the case where the shipment arrives damaged, the buyer must refuse the delivery and ask what it is returned to the Next Model RC society because of his condition.
5 - 3 the amount of packing and delivery charges to the buyer is stated upon taking command.

5 - 4 the delivery time can vary from 2 to 30 days after the validation of your order.The above mentioned period is an average time, depending on the destination and the shipping method.

Exceeding this time-limit can give rise to no cancellation of order, no reduction in the price paid by the buyer, with no payment of damages.5. 5 Next Model RC reserves the right of refusaler to carry out a delivery or to honor an order from a consumer who has not fully paid or partially a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is being administration.

5-6 Next Model RC cannot be held liable in the event of delay in delivery or out of stock.Article 6 - Right of withdrawal 6-1 if an article does not suit you, just return it to us by mail within 7 days after receipt of your package to the following address: Next Model RC - RD1006 - 73490 La Ravoire.
The time limit referred to in the preceding paragraph, runs from the receipt of the ordered product.

When the period of seven days expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the first following working day.It is simply asked to return it in its original packaging, accompanied of a copy of the delivery or invoice, and mention the reason for the return

6 2 in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the Next Model RC company will refund the price of the purchased product no later than within thirty days of the date on which the right of withdrawal has been exercised.

6 - 3 also products not corresponding to the command (non-compliance, alteration not due to buyer, dysfunction) may be returned within 7 days at the expense of the buyer to the Next Model RC society, which will exchange or refund of the product.

If applicable, refunds will be made by cheque.6 - 4 items returned incomplete, spoiled, damaged or soiled by the buyer are not included.
Article 7 - warranty:

7 - 1 In addition to the legal warranty against latent defects, Next Model RC guarantees the defect of the product within the terms defined below. In the event that the client finds a defect of the original product, it boasts a month from its purchase to return with Next Model RC. The client must necessarily address at its expense to Next Model RC the product with a copy of the invoice issued with the command and which serves as a guarantee. Next Model RC will then return at its own expense, to the client, at the address indicated on the invoice or the delivery note, the repaired product or if a new product. In addition to these guarantee conditions, Next Model RC provides no other warranty. So the warranty can if exercise, the product must have been used in normal operation i.e.:-do not have suffered shock, crash, or any other event that can cause the failure or defect found, - not have been dismantled -, not having been used with elements other than those provided in the original box.

7 - 2 If the customer assumes the installation of the goods, then the rights relating to defects applies only if installation was done properly and according to the installation instructions.

7 - 3 Normal wear and defects attributed to negligent or improper client handling are also excluded from the warranty.
Article 8 - Limitation of liability and warranty battery lithium-polymer (Lipo)
8 - 1. limitation of liability

The Next Model RC company may be held liable for the consequences of the use of a battery Li-ion or Li-Polymer who must observe strict use to avoid damage of product and its environment. The Next Model RC company does not guarantee that the consumer will meet intensities, capacity charge and discharge cycles, storage requirements, precautions for use, in the use it will make the batteries in hobby applications receive.

In the designer use, discharge exceed specified maximum by the manufacturer to the cells constituting the accumulator, notably in cas poor use/Setup of the battery charger or a controller.This is why the use of lithium ion batteries / polymer must be considered as experimental for this type of activity.

There is no guarantee, declared nor designed by manufacturers, distributors, sellers or retailers, with regard to capacity, life in molecules, storage, or the characteristics of discharge for the application for radio controlled models, or in other jobs or aspects.

The use of lithium-polymer batteries presupposes the fact that the user accepts this limitation of liability clause, it is fully responsible for the consequences of their use is committed so do not hold responsible for manufacturers, sellers, distributors or retailers (included owners and employees) any accident, injury, death of a person or damage to property.The Next Model RC company therefore emerged from all liability for the use of lithium-polymer batteries, including the partial or total destruction of a model or the battery, damage the environment and third, premature aging of the electronic or electrical items.
This limitation of liability applies as well if the battery was sold with a model or separately.
8 - 2

The guarantee no longer applies once the battery has been placed on a charger, used or discharged society Next Model RC having no means to verify compliance with the conditions of use.Next Model RC is in no way responsible for accidents caused to third parties by products sold or their use.

By purchasing these products, you automatically put you in accordance with the conditions specified and listed above.

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