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Reference: T4589

Brand: T2M

Motorglider Infinity ARF T2M

Size: Length: 1010mmWingspan: 1580mmWing loading: 31.6 g/dm2Weight: 750g in flying orderRecommended Accessories: Remote control 4-chLi - Po 11 .1V 1800mAh battery pack

Price €124.17
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Reference: S1001090

Trimline Model Technics black

Stickers decoration nets. Easy to use, each box contains an assortment of 8 different widths, 0.5-0.8 - 1.3-2.1-3.3-5-7 and 10mm on a length of 2.5 meters. These nets are resistant to fuel, they can be used on all smooth surfaces and even inside the glass or transparent bodies.

Price €6.58

Reference: FF25

Brand: Labema

Fuel Furious Fuel 25 helico 5L 25% Labema

Available only in stores!This 100% synthetic fuel was developed, thanks to the work of INSA (2009) and tests on electronic engine test bench (2012)It is a 100% synthetic fuel, with an anticorrosion the Emadox M.Formula for training and competition.

Price €40.00
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Reference: 1106877

Location V2 Matek buzzer

Small system BE-FOUND +. very handy to find your model. Connects to an auxiliary channel and fires at the request according to the programmed switch.Or is connected to the output "buzzer" on a map of flight. Size: 18 x 13 x 8 mmWeight: 2gPlugs on a mixed free track or series on a track used.

Price €4.92
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Reference: BLH4100

Brand: E-flite

120 S RTF Mode 2 e - Flite blade

The Blade 120 S is a mini "Chopper" fixed-pitch capable of evolving in indoor and outdoor. • Fully assembled, ready to fly• SAFE to steal technology in fun• Panic to avoid the crash• Flybarless system• Strong structure with carbon fiber components• Engine main and tail high speed coreless (installed)• Sub-micro servos linear long race (installed)• Battery...

Price €124.17
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Reference: ES133LM1

Brand: Walkera

4F200LM Alouette II three-bladed Mode 1 Walkera

The Walkera 4F200LM surprised above all with its performer of legendary look Lama.It is here very faithfully reproduced by Walkera which adds the technicality and the skill of its engineers with its three-bladed rotor, and details of finishing rarely seen until then as the landing gear, the tail boom, the turbine or the tail rotor.

Price €320.83

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