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Reference: S1001090

Trimline Model Technics black

Stickers decoration nets. Easy to use, each box contains an assortment of 8 different widths, 0.5-0.8 - 1.3-2.1-3.3-5-7 and 10mm on a length of 2.5 meters. These nets are resistant to fuel, they can be used on all smooth surfaces and even inside the glass or transparent bodies.

Price €6.58
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Reference: FF25

Brand: Labema

Fuel Furious Fuel 25 helico 5L 25% Labema

Available only in stores!This 100% synthetic fuel was developed, thanks to the work of INSA (2009) and tests on electronic engine test bench (2012)It is a 100% synthetic fuel, with an anticorrosion the Emadox M.Formula for training and competition.

Price €40.00
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Reference: 1106877

Location V2 Matek buzzer

Small system BE-FOUND +. very handy to find your model. Connects to an auxiliary channel and fires at the request according to the programmed switch.Or is connected to the output "buzzer" on a map of flight. Size: 18 x 13 x 8 mmWeight: 2gPlugs on a mixed free track or series on a track used.

Price €4.92
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Reference: MT200

Brand: Monstertronic

Helicopter MT200 RTF Monstertronic

Outside MT200 RC helicopter.Fixed collective pitch helicopter, perfect for beginners and fly with a little wind.     Radio control 4-way 2.4 GHz with LCD screen    Radio control Mode 1 and 2 switchable    Li - Po battery    Battery life: 8-10 min    Range: 100 m    Inside/outside

Price €83.25

Reference: AFA-21-BN3PD-PS

Zipper 3 Alpha 21 engine transfers

ENGINE FOR VEHICLE SCALES 1/8 OFF-ROAD ENGINE: ALPHA 21 - ZIPPER - 3 TRANSFERS -Displacement: 3.49cm3 -Bore: 16.3 mm -Race: 16.80 mm -Transfer: 3 -Crankshaft: Diameter 14 mm  -Carburetor: Diameter 9mm -Candle: standard -Weight: 419 g

Price €90.83
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Reference: SER400007

Brand: Serpent

S411 Brushless 4WD 2.4Ghz 1/10 RTR Snake

With its digital 2.4GB radio, a powerful servo and an approved body, it puts a real racing car at the fingertips of all.A great look, an attractive price, the Serpent 411 RTR is the only Ready to Race racing car available on the market.

Price €249.92

Reference: T4910

Brand: T2M

Razor pirate RTR 4x4 2.4 GHz T2M

4WD electric all-terrain buggy.RTR version ready to roll, with a 2.4 GHz radio set, a 7.2 V battery, a 500mAh chargerFighting colors range: choose from 4 body colors! Waterproof electronics!

Price €154.17
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Reference: TRX-56076-4

Brand: Traxxas

Summit 4WD RTR TQi Bluetooth Wireless - ID - RTR Traxxas

In developing the 4 x 4 Summit in version 2.4 GHz, Traxxas has answered everything that could be able to expect from the brand: imposing a model. robust, resistant equipped with origin of a powerful propulsion coal Titan 775, allowing him to go anywhere. This model comes with a remote control TQi 2, 4 GHz Wireless Bluetooth RTR VERSION : Car comes...

Price €482.50
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Reference: 32244MG

Brand: Kyosho

MiniZ MR03 Sport McLaren 12 c GT3 2013 green W - MM + KT19 2.4 GHz Kyosho

Features: -Transmission 2 wheel drive propulsion-Optimized weight distribution-Centre of gravity somewhat-Camber adjustable to adapt the car to track conditions-Radio Kyosho KT19 included 2.4 GHz-Compatible with all options MR-03 and autoscale-Vehicle mounted and set-Body painted and decorated -8 AAA batteries (4 for the transmitter and 4 for the vehicle)...

Price €145.83
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Reference: T4930

Brand: T2M

Pirate Thunder 1/10 RTR 2.4 GHz T2m

Completely pre-assembled, this models 1/10 in 4 wheel drive and 3 differentials is equipped with a powerful motor thermal.18 (3.0 cm3) Launcher. Robust chassis, proven design, hydraulic shock absorbers, tires sprocket to evolve on all types of surfaces at high speed and large volume. • length: 430 mm • height: 200 mm • wheelbase: 300mm • weight: 2400 g

Price €207.50
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Reference: BLH8980

Brand: E-flite

Mach 25 FPV Racer BNF E-Flite blade

Blade Mach 25 is a mini quad class racer 250 futuristic supplied with a FPV/transmitter 5.8 GHz video camera.Multicolored Leds high intensity installed on the arm will help you not to lose sight of your racer.On the side of electronic, Mach 25 is equipped with an AR636QR receiver with pressure sensor and SAFE technology .To fly: need to add a remote...

Price €274.17 Regular price €374.17
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Reference: PF004

Brand: 6Mik

White Mugen air filter foam / X - Ray 6Mik

    -Its shape allows to easily under any body!     -Internal walls allow to use double round foams high protection at attractive price.     -Possibility to fix it thanks to its built-in leg.     -Only 19 grams!

Price €7.92

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