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Reference: S1001090

Trimline Model Technics black

Stickers decoration nets. Easy to use, each box contains an assortment of 8 different widths, 0.5-0.8 - 1.3-2.1-3.3-5-7 and 10mm on a length of 2.5 meters. These nets are resistant to fuel, they can be used on all smooth surfaces and even inside the glass or transparent bodies.

Price €6.58
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Reference: 1-01291

Brand: Multiplex

Zacki 2 Elapor 20G multiplex

New glues multiplex Zacki 2 adapted to the uses of model-making, and in particular to the Elapor multiplex foams. You can of course also use this glue for other materials, with the exception of PTFE and silicone. Easily stores UV resistant, does not yellow, always remains clear Content: 20 g

Price €5.00
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Reference: PF004

Brand: 6Mik

White Mugen air filter foam / X - Ray 6Mik

    -Its shape allows to easily under any body!     -Internal walls allow to use double round foams high protection at attractive price.     -Possibility to fix it thanks to its built-in leg.     -Only 19 grams!

Price €7.92

Reference: TD82140

Brand: 6Mik

Tires Bandit 21 / 40 ° mounted pasted 6Mik

On rims 2015 full white. (non-contractual photos)6MIK prepares for a long time a 1/8 TT... like tire during the presentation of the REFLEX, we will introduce you to this new feature by steps before its marketing to explain to everyone on what process this project was founded. Ofcourse, we leave voluntarily aside problems of mold design, production...

Price €15.00

Reference: TI101O

Brand: 6Mik

Tires Crunch 1/10 before oranges + inserts 6Mik

CRUNCH front gum 'Orange' pair with inserts of the brand 6MIK for cars radio controlled 1/10 TT tires. Delivered by pair, tires + inserts without rim. Color code: Interior:Blue: softPurple: hard Exterior:Yellow: softOrange: mediumRed: hard

Price €8.25

Reference: GWH02-P3

Brand: GRP Tires

Tires + rims W02 Revo Soft P3 GRP

Gum P3, special gum for track clean and already sticking with a good grip. Delivered assembled glued on rims GRP per pair. -Eraser for track with average and rather clean grip-Diameter 118 mm-Width 64 mm-Hexagon square 18mm

Price €24.99
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Reference: 87044

Brand: Tamiya

Bomb primer grip white 180ml primer Tamiya

Spray spray 180ml. Primer special model bomb.The primer can work any defects of the castings plastic and to improve the quality of the painting hangs a net and so the final rendering. It is the essential underlayer for any achievement of quality.

Price €9.58
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