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BS/E - 100W Proxxon Band Sander


BS/E - 100W strip sander regul 300 to 700 rpm box with 4 Proxxon strips - 28536

Compact, powerful, robust and versatile. With aluminum cast iron drive head. Made in the EU.

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For sanding small openings, finishing shapes and surfaces, polishing grooves, imageing of trimmings and flattening small surfaces.

Aluminium cast iron transmission head for great stability and precise adjustment thanks to ball bearings. A fiberglass-reinforced POLYAMIDE central case.

DC special engine balanced, powerful, quiet and durable. Gradual setting of the regime (full-wave electronics).
Swinging the sanding arm up to 60 degrees at the touch of a button. The vacuum racks and adapter allow for clean work. Comes with 4 sanding strips (2 to G 80 and 2 to G 180). Safe storage in an attractive, sturdy quality plastic briefcase.

The core of our MICROMOT precision tools for 230 V: Relatively expensive special DC engine with permanent magnet technology.

Technical data:

230 V. 80 W.
Sanding strip 10 x 330 mm (sanding surface 10 x 110 mm).
Sanding speed 225 - 450 rpm.
Length 350 mm. Weight 650 g.
Protection insulation Class 2.

Comes with its quality PP briefcase. Well designed, solid and high in capacity. For storage of the device after use. The sticker on the side identifies the content.

Recommended accessories:

Replacement sanding strip for BS/E
In upper corindon on a woven background resistant to tearing. For the efficient sanding of metal, non-ferrous metal, wood and plastic. 10 x 330 mm.


NO 28,583 Grain 80 5 pieces
NO 28,582 Grain 120 5 pieces
NO 28,581 Grain 180 5 pieces

Same but in silicon carbide for sanding and trimming glass and ceramic. Also suitable for sanding brass, steel and grey cast iron.

NO. 28,579 Grain 180 5 pieces

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