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copy of MAXX 4S Brushless TQi TSM ID RTR 89076-4 Traxxas


New Traxxas MAXX brushless.
The little brother of the famous X-MAXX compatible lipo 3S and 4S

Comes with 2.4ghz radio TSM and without Accus/charger.


Length 549mm
Width 367mm
Height 232mm
329mm wheelbase
Weight 4.4kg

Need not included:

- 4 AA batteries (LR6) for remote control
- Lipo 3S or 4S
- Li-Po Charger

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The Traxxas X-Maxx 8S (reference: TRX77086-4) has definitely changed the face of Monster Trucks R/C. Its revolutionary and radical design, massive size, brutal force and unmatched power have transformed the X-Maxx into a legendary vehicle. No other vehicle holds the comparison... until today!
Discover the all-new Traxxas Maxx 1/10. The Maxx (reference: TRX89076-4) cleverly integrates the innovative design elements of its big brother the X-Maxx into a lighter, more compact and fiercer beast, ready to take speed and power to new levels of extreme intensity!
Show must go on!

Extreme power. Extreme solidity. Fun assured! This is the basis on which the Maxx experience is based. With a new, smaller and lighter Maxx platform, Traxxas engineers have increased the speed to over 90km/h, optimized it for even higher performance and doubled the strength and strength. The Maxx is once again reshaping the fun and excitement of Monster Trucks.

The power of the velineon Traxxas system's brushless motorization hits hard with acceleration below 4 seconds and wheelies made effortlessly and on demand. The Maxx feels like a force of nature, unstoppable, and can reach a maximum speed of more than 90km/h. The electronic speed dimmer is controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor that continuously monitors power management for efficient and durable performance. The high-efficiency 540XL engine features a 5mm exit shaft, an aluminum heat sink and a powerful fan.
Of course everything remains protected by the innovative Traxxas waterproofing.

The Maxx is designed to withstand extreme stresses and intense steering. Its suspension arms are designed to easily absorb blows. The transmission elements have been designed to be robust and have already proven their worth in vehicles bigger and heavier than the Maxx, so there's enough force to spare!
The Maxx's chassis absorbs and dissipates impact energy throughout its structure. Huge hydraulic shock absorbers in anodized aluminium with large diameter rods handle the damping of the Maxx's suspension.
The Maxx invites you to explore new ways to fly and have fun!

The legendary X-Maxx inspired the design of its ultra-strong composite chassis with built-in shock supports and battery support. The chassis and energy-absorbing parechocs attached to solidarity partitions form a reinforced architecture to allow suspension and transmission to work intensively. The Maxx was designed with a singular engineering lens... fun all day long!
It has been designed to allow you to fly the way you want, to go wherever you want, during fast and exciting hours of R/C activity!

The unique design of the Maxx chassis completely encloses the central transmission shaft in a rigid vertebral structure for ultimate protection. The front and rear protection plates are designed to protect all partitions and transmission components. Once their work is done, simply replace them and the Maxx will look like new.

The Maxx's transmission borrows its proven components and technology from larger, heavier vehicles to ensure strength and strength to resell. Its transmission consists of steel gears, large steel crowns and gables, a central conveyor shaft made of fluted aluminium and all-new extremely sturdy cardans.

The Torque-Biasing Center (slipper) proven transmission is optimized for maximum power distribution between the front and rear differentials. It is designed to provide stunning four-wheel drive acceleration, powerful punch and instant response. The proprietary "Cush Drive" technology developed by Traxxas absorbs the impacts of the transmission to further improve its lifespan, without maintenance or adjustment.

The Maxx supports and protects the single LiPo 4S battery at the bottom of the chassis and secures it with a fast-locking battery restraint system. This system has already proven itself in Monster Trucks such as the X-Maxx.
This innovative Traxxas system is much more robust than other traditional maintenance systems.

The Maxx's abilities are defined by excessive torque and power. Indeed, with a power supply of more than 16 volts on an oversized brushless motor, the Maxx is able to accelerate below 4 seconds. The brutal acceleration kick puts a strain on the bar wheelie as the Maxx launches hard and fast to reach a speed of more than 90km/h. The 32-bit Velineon VXL-4S Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) controls a microprocessor not only handles the current, but also has built-in telemetry that provides data such as real-time speed, temperature and voltage from a smartphone. When using the optional bluetooth module (reference: TRX6511) (sold separately). The built-in cooling fans on the controller and engine allow for extended operating times.

The Traxxas TQi 2.4Ghz radio system offers superior range, accuracy and control. The transmitter has the location to house the bluetooth wireless module (reference: TRX6511, sold separately) to allow you to connect to the Traxxas Link app using your smartphone. Use the app to customize your settings and view real-time telemetry from the VXL-4 speed controller.

A wheelie bar is essential to manage the acceleration of the Maxx when it rises. The bar wheelie helps prevent roll-overs during full-throttle acceleration and its bending absorbs impacts during imperfect landings. On the other hand it also has a handy handle to make it easier to transport your Maxx to the next adventure.

The Traxxas Stability Management System (TSM) works in the background to help you harness the Maxx's brutal 4S power for maximum acceleration and exceptional control. Go ahead, speed it up! The TSM never limits output power and allows the Maxx not to deviate from its direction, even when traction is reduced to nothing by the centrifugal tires and by terrain with steep terrain.

Originally a pioneer for the X-Maxx, this patent-pending Traxxas exclusive innovation uses the power of the LiPo 4S to straighten the Maxx on its wheels when it's on the roof. In most situations, the fun doesn't stop just because the truck has flipped over.

Water? Mud? Snow? The Maxx leverages Traxxas' patented waterproofing solutions that make all the difference between real waterproofing and simple "water resistance." Traxxas' waterproof electronic components allow you to enjoy yourself reliably in all sorts of places that were previously inaccessible.

The Maxx is equipped with traxxas' innovative clipless body system that replaces small clips with a powerful and robust locking system. Remove and install the body in seconds with one hand.

A solid cage structure supports the body, while additional reinforcements reinforce the aggressive appearance and also protect against wear due to skids and breakage at the fastening points.

KIT ECLAIRAGE ACCESSOIRES (sold separately TRX-8990)
An LED lighting kit is available for the MAXX. This includes 40 white LEDs located on the front parechoc with two types of beams: daytime lights and full headlights.
At the rear, a 48-LEL ramp provides lighting for taillights, braking and reverse.


TRX2889X / TRX2888X / TRX2878X / TRX2872X / TRX2857X / TRX2849X

Colors to choose from according to arrival.


- Length 549mm
- Width 367mm
- Height 232mm
- 329mm wheelbase
- Weight 4.4kg
- Dimension Dock battery 162x45x43mm.

Need not included:

- 4 AA batteries (LR6) for remote control
- 1 Lipo 11.1v 3S or 14.8v 4S taken ID
- Lipo Charger

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