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Jagdpanzer Marder I 1/35 Tamiya


Tamiya-branded 1/35 Scale-35 Tamiya 35370.

Model to mount and paint. Paintings and glue not included.

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Tamiya-branded 1/35 Scale-35 Tamiya 35370.

Model to mount and paint. Paintings and glue not included.

Although the Blitzkrieg at the beginning of the 2nd G.M. was undeniably a success for the German forces, they were still insufficiently equipped and under-mechanized. That is why they recovered and used foreign armoured vehicles; this was the case of a large number of French material captured after the blitz and the defeat of the country in 1940. Encouraged by the performance of self-propelled anti-tank guns, Germany decided to convert French vehicles into tank destroyers, and one of the first involved was the Lorraine tracked refuelling tractor, about 300 of which had been captured. From May 1942, 170 Lorraines were converted to Marder I by installing a 75mm PaK40 anti-tank gun protected by a light armour casemate. They served on the Eastern Front, in North Africa and in Normandy against the allies.

Kit to assemble scale 1/35.
Design of the kit based on a preserved contraption at the Saumur Armored Museum.
Faithful rendering of the compact chassis and overhanging upper body with rivets and welding lines.
The meticulously detailed casemate interior with cannon breech, sights, shell racks, equipment
Bogies of the simple tread to assemble without sacrificing fidelity and realism.
Injected plastic tracks (independent sections and skates).
Two figures of gunners scanning the sky (watching for the appearance of Allied fighters in Normandy) included.
Three marking options (two in Normandy and one on the Eastern Front).

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