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TRX-4 Ford Bronco 2021 4WD TQi RTR Traxxas 92076-4


The 2021 TRX-4 FORD BRONCO 4X4 brushed is a 1/10 scale radio-controlled vehicle delivered almost ready to drive.

VERSION RTR : Only 4 LR6 batteries are missing for the radio, as well as a LiPo 2S or 3S battery (and its charger) with Traxxas plug.

Digital steering servo with metal sprockets
XL5HV drive compatible With Li-Po 3S
100% waterproof model
High ground clearance.
Rigid steel chassis
Remote blockable avt and arr. differentials
Remotely controllable two-speed transmission
Aluminum GTS shock absorbers
Remote control Traxxas TQi 4 channels.

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After 25 years, the Bronco has returned as Ford's most successful 4×4 and as the most sought-after SUV in the United States. Traxxas has taken every detail of this highly anticipated Bronco combined with all the skills and versatility of the TRX-4 chassis.
The Traxxas Bronco combines Ford's underwritten realism and cutting-edge performance for an exciting off-road adventure, no matter where the trail takes you.

Radically innovative technology combines with precision engineering to create a whole new breed of model crawler... Only at Traxxas.
The Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco instantly renders the status quo of functionality obsolete thanks to significantly expanded versatility and capabilities.
Performance and technology combine in a revolutionary new chassis that is as beautiful as it is powerful.

A steel ladder frame reinforced with molded sleepers creates an extremely rigid backbone.
You will feel the difference on the trails when navigating on technical terrain.

Hydraulic coil spring shock absorbers offer smooth damping performance and feature aluminum threaded shock absorber bodies for easy body height adjustment.
The model realism is superb, and in addition they work wonderfully.

3S propulsion system
The XL-5 HV electronic variable speed drive is very versatile since it is compatible with LiPo 3S batteries for the most efficient operation.
The powerful Titan 21T engine provides torque to tackle the steepest climbs and speed on flat terrain.
This efficient system offers up to 2 hours of battery life with an iD LiPo Traxxas 3S 5000mAh battery!

TQi radio system
Operate the 2-speed transmission and T-Lock differentials with a single tap and activate cruise control to hold the throttle for long-haul comfort – everything is built into the TQi.
You can even customize the settings via a Smartphone with the wireless module (6511).

Waterproof Electronics
The TRX-4 Bronco repeals itself from mud, snow and moisture thanks to its waterproof electronics.
The variable speed drive and servos are waterproof, and the receiver is fully protected by a waterproof housing.
The TRX-4 offers adventure in all seasons and all weathers.

Optional LED lighting
Take the Bronco's realism to the next level with the optional 9290 Pro Scale advanced lighting system.
The waterproof system adds fully functional front and rear lighting, including stop and reverse lights, turn signals, multiple lighting modes and much more.

Great model details
Injection molded door handles, mirrors and wing expanders as well as a functional spare wheel offer incredible realism.
The Trail Sights extend to the grille ready for LEDs, and the sturdy replicas of bumpers feature a cable guide, tow hooks and a hitch hook.
New clip-free body fastening system
The Bronco introduces a new level of realism and convenience to the TRX-4. Traditional body studs and clips have disappeared and instead, an integrated quick release system secures the body invisibly.
The hidden mechanism firmly holds the body on the track but releases it in seconds to access the chassis.

TRX-4 capacity
The features that make the TRX-4 an award-winning vehicle are all built into the Bronco. This includes high-travel gantry axles, remotely lockable T-Lock differentials, two-speed transmission, GTS aluminum shock absorbers, steel frame chassis... and more!

The power of the gantry axles
The gantry axles lift the vehicle to the wheels for the highest central ground clearance.
To achieve the same clearance with straight axles, it would be necessary to have tires with a diameter more than 2cm larger than those of the TRX-4 Bronco.

Torque twist eliminated
The gantry axles use a speed reduction at the wheels to virtually eliminate any torque twisting.
The torque of the Titan 550 engine translates into straight and powerful forward movement, rather than wasted energy twisting your platform directly on the rocks.

Scale: 1/10
Motorization: Brushed
Transmission: 4x4
Colour: Red / Sunset
Required level: Beginner
Type of kit: ARTR
Speed: 50 Km/h
Function: Module Bluetooth: Compatible
Telemetry: Compatible
Battery: Not included
Charger: Not included
Remote control: TQi 2.4GHz Link steering wheel radio

- Length 584mm
- Width 249mm
- Height 239mm
- Ground clearance 80mm
- Wheelbase 324mm
- Weight 2.91kg

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