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copy of Enduro24 Sendero Trail Truck Black/Yellow 4WD 1/24 RTR Element RC


Enduro24 Sendero Trail Truck 4WD 1/24 RTR Element RC - 20180

- 7.4v lipo battery 30 minutes battery life
- Detailed interior
- Radio 2.4ghz
- Functional lighting

- Length: 281mm
- Width: 114mm

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Whether outdoors on the trail or in the comfort of your own living room, there's no doubt that this little tracked rig will rise to the challenge.

The Enduro24 ... an explosion to drive! Whether outdoors on the trail or in the comfort of your own living room, there's no doubt that this little rig will rise to the challenge. This small 4WD track is equipped with many features found on larger platforms. The permanent 4WD transmission with divorced transfer box, metal vertical chassis rails and 4-arm suspension ensure that the rise of obstacles will be a breeze. A 2-in-1 receiver/ESC, a 2-channel radio, a powerful servo engine and a LiPo 1S provide power and control. You get all this and more in a convenient package.

Don't be fooled by the small size and low speed - the Enduro24 track truck with Sendero body can offer you hours of challenging driving and fun on scale! No matter your skill level, there is a lot of fun for everyone.

Simply install the batteries, charge and leave! As soon as it comes out of the box, the Enduro24 RTR is ready to roll...

SUSPENSION BEFORE AND REAR TO 4 arms: The 4-arm suspension molded by front and rear injection allows a gentle articulation to crawl over rough terrain.

THE chassis-mounted servo provides maximum steering while maintaining the scale's appearance.

BACKGROUND and PNEUS: Ramp, hang and climb obstacles with black, one-piece, injection-moulded rims wrapped in soft rubber tires.

FRONT AND TRANSFERT CAR: The front-mounted engine places the heaviest part of the platform on the front tires. This forward-skewed weight keeps the front tires on the ground and provides better front grip during climbs. The transfer box provides a lower center of gravity in a compact space. Not only does this combination work well, but it also adds realism to scale, leaving plenty of room if you want to add a custom body or interior.

Gear reports :

- Crown and gable (64/12): 5.33: 1
- Transmission (40/16): 2.5: 1
- Transfer box (40/17): 2.35: 1
- Axle and gable ring (24/12): 2: 1
- Final transmission report: 62.6: 1


- Sendero polycarbonate single-block body. Models available in two colors: AS20180 black and yellow. AS20181 Red and blue.
- 2-channel radio 2.4 GHz
- Receiver/ESC 2 in 1
- LiPo 1S battery included
- Charger included
- 7mm wheel hexagons
- Vertical metal frame rails
- Soft rubber tires
- Flexible helical spring shock absorbers
- Telescopic central transmission trees
- Removable front bumper
- Adjustable body poles
- Steel pivot balls

Product content:

- Enduro24 Sendero Trail Truck
- Radio 2.4Ghz
- Lipo 1S Battery
- USB charger 500mA

Requires 4 AAA batteries for remote control.

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