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Outback Texan Crawler 4WD Grey 1/10 RTR FTX


Outback Texan 1/10th 4WD RTR Crawler - FTX5590

Length: 475mm
Width: 237mm
Height: 242mm
Weight: 2900g
- Battery Nu-Mh 2000mAh 7.2V taken Dean Provided
- USB charger 600mA Ni-Mh Provided

4 AA batteries needed for remote control.

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Texan Outback 1/10th 4WD RTR Crawler - FTX5590

Inspired by classic 40s and 50s pickups, the new FTX Texan combines an old school retro look with the latest RC track chassis design. At first, you'll be drawn to the classic cabin body that includes an exhaust chimney, an external air filter, a molded grille, mirrors, windshield wipers and a molded tray rear protection cage with spare wheel. We've even included two different decals for the rear tray, choose a wooden panel or checkerboard finish!

The Texan has no body clips or poles, with magnetic hinged front and rear mounts for a smooth, sleek appearance and quick and easy access to the chassis. Beneath the Texan, a low-profile cantilever rear shock absorber serves as a platform for a rear-to-tray set. The molded internal wheel lining and side floors add even more realism to the scale, as well as beadlock wheels and a dust-proof hood.

The aluminum CNC shock absorbers are standard at the front and rear. With the battery mounted further forward and the etronix engine and servo 15 kg directly on the axle, weight distribution and climbing ability are greatly improved.

The split transmission design allows for a lower central CofG central transmission that can help fit inside, while the updated transmission design now rotates the front and rear axles clockwise and counterclockwise to help reduce the effects of torque twisting.

The Texan promises to take your off-road adventures to the next level with lots of standard features.

Technical features:

- 99% ready to run
- 4-channel 4-channel radio system 2.4 GHz
- HOBBYwing WP-1060 waterproof ESC
- Etronix 15 kg waterproof metal gable servo
- Engine coals type 550 - 17 laps
- NiMH 7.2v 2000mah battery and 600mA USB charger (DEAN)
- Mounted on ball bearings
- Double-rail metal frame chassis
- 6mm steel multi-arm suspension for a smooth joint
- Universal transmission shafts with a CVA steel telescopic centre
- Universal transmission trees before steel CVA
- Horizontal rear suspension
- Aluminium hydraulic shock absorbers
- Metal transmission gears
- Blocked front and rear axles with wide clearance
- Side frame and fender plates
- Receiver box with third- and fourth-channel external ports for additional electronic devices such as LEDs, sound module or winch
- Divided transmission system for better low-speed torque output
- Slypper clutch
- Panhard steering servo and bar mounted on chassis
- Front-mounted engine for better weight distribution
- Beadlock Wheels
- High grip supersoft off-road tires
- Front and rear-style bumpers with factory-mounted lED shackles and lights
- LED rear brake lights and front fender projectors
- Retro body inspired by the real model, rear tray cage and moulded accessories

Length: 475mm
Width: 237mm
Height: 242mm
Weight: 2900g
Wheelbase: 285mm
Transmission report: 54:1
Tire diameter: 120mm
Rim diameter : 54mm
Ground guard: 80mm

Necessary to ride:

- 4 AA batteries for remote control.

We recommend a USB power supply of at least 1.5A.

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