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Outback Ranger XC Pick-up Red 4WD 1/16 RTR FTX


Crawler Outback Ranger XC Pick-up 4WD 1/16 RTR FTX5588

The crawler FTX Outback 2 Tundra is a 1/10 4-wheel drive crossing vehicle with a coal engine equipped with a waterproof electronic dimmer (Waterproof) and a pre-installed LED system, a double rail chassis completes the equipment.

Radio control 2.4Ghz installed.
Speed Variator 40A Waterproof ESC special crawler Walk forward / Walk back without delay.
Typical coal engine 390.

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Crawler Outback Ranger XC Pick-up 4WD 1/16 RTR FTX5588


- 2.4GHz 4-channel radio system
- Waterproof steering servo 17g
- Hobbywing 25A Waterproof Speed Control
- Battery NiMH 7.2V 1100mAh
- High Torque 370 size brushed engine
- G low C engine and center-mounted gearbox
- Front and rear multi-mode LED lighting set
- Detailed Off Road 4x4 body inspired by scale
- Wheels inspired by the real model and ultra-soft tires
- Metal gear gearbox for improved torque and low-speed driving.
- Low-center central drive with telescopic transmission shafts.
- Metal axle gears. Front and rear axles blocked at high clearance.
- Hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers.
- ESC Hobbywing waterproof 25A.

Technical features:

Scale 1/16th
Readyset RTR
Length 326mm
Width 156mm
Height 178mm
200mm wheelbase
Coal Engine 370
Weight 800g
Wheels: 70mm x 25mm
FTX Radio 2.4ghz
Battery supplied 7.2v 1500mah NiMH (DEAN)
USB charger 600mA / 5W (5-7 NiMh elements), requires a minimum power supply of 1.5A

Equipment required (not included):

4 R6 AA batteries

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