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Mercedes Benz G500 CC-02 Kit Tamiya


The new chassis 4x4 off-road CC-02 is associated with a new body, that of the Mercedes-Benz G500, the 2018 model of the legendary G-Class powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8.
Model to mount, without radio/servo/accu/charger.

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The new chassis 4x4 off-road CC-02 is paired with a new body, the Mercedes-Benz G500, the 2018 Model of the legendary G-Class powered by a 4-liter twin turbo V8.


1/10 scale assembly kit.
LeD attachment parts also included.
Angular shapes of the body faithfully reproduced in polycarbonate.
Separate grille, mirrors and spare wheel cover.
Designed for a variety of off-road developments, including on rocky surfaces, the robust CC-02 scale chassis (longers and ties) is inspired by those of real vehicles.
4x4 configuration with engine installed behind the front gear, with separate transmission and transfer box and cardans transmitting power to the front and rear differentials.
Cardans in solidarity with differentials, which allows to face the rough terrain:
If a wheel rises, the opposite wheel is pushed down to gain traction.
Twenty possible transmission ratios between 11.09:1 and 29.28:1, thanks to gables available separately.
Differentials with tapered gables to ensure flexible operation. Can be blocked (by reassembly) to move on difficult terrain.
Rigid bridges suspended 4 points at the front and rear and hydraulic shock absorbers.

Type 540 engine, TBLE-02S dimmer, lighting unit, TLU-01 LED and LEDs included.


- Length: 455mm
- Width: 196m
- Height: 207mm
- Wheelbase: 267mm

Necessary not included:

- Radio - receiver
- Executive Servo
- Accu 7.2v take Tamiya
- Charger
- Lexan Painting

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