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Combo brushless 1/8 ESC WP 150A - 2200kv 4P 4274 engine - Konect prog card


Konect Variator 150Amp WP
Konect Engine 2200KV
Programming map

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This Konect combo is made by Hobbywing and is designed for 1/8th competitive buggies (between 4 and 5 kg) or cars that drive in 6S. It comes with a 2200Kv engine, a 150A controller and a programming card. The combo comes wired.

Konect Variator 150Amp WP
Sensorless motor compatible.
Power 150A continuously.
Power 950A at the top.
Resistance 0.0008 ohm
Power 9 to 18 Elements Nimh
Diet 3 to 6S in Lipo (from 11.1 to 22.2 v)
BEC 6 3A.
Dimensions 59.5 mm(L) x 48 mm(l) x 42 mm (H) with fan
Weight 178g

Konect Engine 2200KV
Engine Type 4274 Brushless 4 Poles 1/10" Sensorless 2200KV
Engine axis: 5 mm
Cage diameter: 42 mm
Engine length: 74 mm
Konect programming map

The programming card plugs into the fan socket via a cable provided in the box
It is possible to settle:
- The mode of operation: front-brake - front-stop brake
- Drag brake: from 0 to 40%
- Cut voltage: from 2.8V to 3.4V per cell or no protection
- The punch at the start: Level 1 to 4
- Braking force: 25, 50, 75 or 100%

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