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Reference: 6302

Brand: Joysway

Dragonfly BL PNP - Joysway

Joysway with Dragonfly (Dragon fly) introduces a new class of models, capable of taking off from any surface. The Dragonfly is able to take flight as well on the grass, on land, on water, on ice, see even in throwing hand.

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Reference: 8807R

Brand: Joysway

Mini Red Catamaran RTS Joysway

This superb mini catamaran of 400 mm long and 710 mm total height is 2015 Joysway brand new.Fully equipped for navigation, its double hull, its rudders and its derivatives are molded plastic with screen prints, a servo 9g for rudder and a servo winch 9g for the maneuver of the sails, boom and BOOM jib molded plastic and fiberglass mast. VERSION RTS :...

Price €83.25
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Reference: 8812RTR

Brand: Joysway

Sailboat Focus 2 RTS Joysway

JOYSWAY yacht monohull Focus II RTS with Radio MHD4S! -Length: 995 mm-Width: 170 mm-Total area: 52.73 decimetre-Height of the mast: 1578mm-Overall height: 2046mm-Weight: 3450 gContent: -Moulded plastic shells-Radio control in 2,4 GHz to stick MHD4S (best range compared to the original Joysway radio)-Installed steering Servo-Installed sail winch Servo-Box...

Price €290.83
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Reference: 8803V2

Brand: Joysway

Sailing Orion V2 RTS Joysway

JOYSWAY Monohull Sailboat Orion V2 RTS! - Length 465 mm- Width 150 mm- Height 920 mm- Weight 950g RTS VERSION : Sailboat delivered complete. NOTHING to add! (just 8 AA-type batteries for remote control and reception)

Price €115.83
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