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Reference: PKZ8175

Brand: Parkzone

Conscendo Advenced 1.5 m PNP Parkzone

Motorglider Parkzone Conscendo Advenced 1.5 m PNP PKZ8175 Here's the new bike glider Conscendo™ Advanced of Parkzone.Built in foam Z-Foam resistant and equipped with a 1.5-meter wing, Conscendo Advanced will give you maximum pleasure in flight.PNP version, it requires a radio set + receiver 5-way minimum + Lipo 3S 1250-1350 mAh (EC3 plug)

Price €124.17

Reference: PKZU1180

Brand: Parkzone

Night Vapor BNF Parkzone

the Night VAPOR Parkzone Ultra is the worthy successor of the Vapor, in "enlightened" version. Fitted with leds, you can control it in the night or dark a room! Everything is included in this version of the BNF, except the transmitter. Technical specifications: -Span: 376 mm-Length: 389 mm-Flying weight: 16.4 gContents of the kit: -the ultra Night...

Price €74.92

Reference: EFLU6600

Brand: Parkzone

Vapor RTF FPV with E-Flite video eyewear

The UMX FPV Vapor E-Flite, a dream now within reach of all!If you're ever imagined in a great RC airplane pilot seat, the UMX FPV Vapor of E-Flite may make your real dream. This RTF version is sold with glasses FPV with a Head Tracking 2 digital axis that detects the movements of your head so that a more immersive viewpoint.

Price €199.16 Regular price €365.83
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