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Reference: RCPL2001003_R_PNP

Brand: The Build RC - R2 Hobby

Mono-planeur E - 385 Funny Guy 1 m 20 PNP R2 Hobby - TheBuildRC

Made of epoxy glass fiber and Webreach balsa wood, the E-385 Funny Guy 1.2 m TheBuildRC - R2 Hobby is a breeze to fly! The heat shrink covering cover the wings in empennage providing good strength and aerodynamic performance without compromising weight. PNP version, connect your own battery and your equipment radio and you're ready to fly!

Price €165.83
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Reference: RCPL3901001_OBK

Brand: The Build RC - R2 Hobby

Moto-glider VGA advance 2m ARF R2 hobby-TheBuildRC

TheBuildRC R2 hobby's VGA advance 2M glider is a high quality but economical RC glider for beginners or amateur pilots.The fuselage is made of light and durable epoxy fibreglass and a pair of balsa wood wings with heat shrinkable films make this aircraft light enough to stay in the air longer even with the engine stationary. The fuselage dismounts in 2...

Price €99.17
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Reference: RCPL3902008_Y

Brand: The Build RC - R2 Hobby

Motor glider Fox yellow 1.52 m ARF R2 Hobby - TheBuildRC

The Fox in motorized version is a 3 channels of R2 Hobby. Has a body of high quality fiberglass and balsa wing struts with shrink film. The robust body of Fox fiberglass protects your sensitive electronic equipment while reducing the weight for a flight and excellent stability. The Fox is a glider that can fly in strong sales and allowing aerobatics.

Price €124.17

Reference: RCPL3901017_G

Brand: The Build RC - R2 Hobby

Motor glider Speedo Sport Green 1 m 20 PNP R2 Hobby - TheBuildRC EP

Motor glider Speedo EP 1 m Sport TheBuildRC 20 - R2 Hobby. Speedo 1.2 is now available in an electric plug and play version. The electric Speedo uses the same wings as the Speedo 1.2 pure glider version, but has a specific electric fuselage. Version PNP (plug and play): everything you need to add to the kit is your receiver and battery.

Price €187.50
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