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Caribbeam Sailing RTS V2 Joysway


This superb sailboat Joysway Caribbeam V2 260 mm long and 435 mm in total height is a small radio-controlled sailing boat easy to maneuver and ideal for family fun in calm waters (pool, small body of water, ...).

VERSION RTS In: Sailboat delivered complete. NOTHING to add! (just 4 AA batteries for remote control and 3 AAA batteries for receiver)

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JOYSWAY Mini Sailing Caribbeam V2 Joysway

A small pleasure boat for fun, the Caribbean Yacht V2 (version 2) is all equipped for calm water navigation. It has an ABS shell, a carbon fiber mast, a new 2-way proportional radio (in the shape of a mobile phone very pleasant to handle) installed with 2 servos of 9 grams, a zinc keel for perfect stability in water, 3 AAA batteries ( radio reception supplying the 2 servos and the receiver.

This easy-to-use boat is especially aimed at younger people who want to sail their first radio-controlled sailboat.


Beginner level
Length 260 mm
Width 90 mm
Height 435 mm
Weight 160g
Total sail area 2.47 dm2
2.4GHz 2-GHz stick type Mode 2


- 4 AA-type batteries for the transmitter
- 3 AAA batteries for the receiver

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