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Easy Star 3 Kit 1.37m Multiplex


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A third generation for multiplex's EasyStar, perfectly suited to the needs of the beginner in aeromodeling, even easier to put in flight.
Developed from the EasyStar II, this new version benefits from many improvements:

The versions RR,RR and RTF originally equipped with Multiplex MS-12020-MG fin servos. This allows you to acquire the basics of flying on the 3 axes (deep, steering and fins) without additional equipment.

- The clowns are now screwed and glued,
- The servos are metal gables,
- New decorating board,
- New ROXXY engine.

The model is to be assembled and the basic fitting is included
You install all the electronic components already in your possession. Head to your workshop...

ELAPOR moulded parts® for fuselage, wings, tail and canopy, CFK wing key, all plastic parts, connections and other parts needed for assembly, 7x6" propeller, cone, tray, decorative board and detailed notice.

Technical features EasyStar3 Multiplex:

Wingspan: 1.36m
Length: 97cm
Wing area: 28 dm2
Wing load: 25 g/dm2
Mass: 680g
Recommended battery: 11.1V (3s) in 2200mAh
Number of lanes: 4/5
Flight range: about 20 min

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