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RadioMaster R168 receiver - 16 frSky D16 compatible channels, telemetry


RadioMaster R168 receiver.

Compatible FrSky D16 Support RSSI VBAT Telemetry for Drone RC

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Model: R168
Weight: 10g
Size: 40 - 26 - 16 mm
Number of channels: 16 channels
Frequency range: 2400-2483.5Mhz
Power range: 4.5-6V
Protocol: Frsky Compatible D16 V1
Release format: PWM, SBUS, S.Port
Telemetry: S.port, RSSI output, VBAT (voltage detection up to 18 V)
Distance of control: more than 1 km
Security protection: CUSTOM (customised for all channels), HOLD (safety maintenance), NO PULSES (no pulse)
Length of antenna: about 15 cm


PWM, SBUS and S.Port exit
Integrated battery voltage telemetry (reads main flight battery voltage up to 18 V)

Link method:

1. On the receiver, hold down the assignment button and turn on the receiver at the same time. The red and green lights of the LED receiver will be on at the same time, the receiver is now ready to bind.

2. The remote control's multi-protocol RF selects the D16 protocol, presses the option [BIND], the receiver's red light will flash to indicate that the link has been successful.

3. Leave the [BIND] mode of your radio, then turn off and turn the receiver back on. At this point, the receiver's green light is still on, indicating that the binding process has been successful.

The remote opens the fashion menu when linking. This receiver has no PWM output, so choosing 1-8 or 9-16 will have no effect. SBUS still emits channels 1-16.

Ch1-8 Telem ON: PwM receiver interface emits 1- to 8-channel signals and telemetry is activated
Ch1-8 Telem OFF: The receiver's PWM interface emits 1-8 channel signals and the telemetry is disabled
Ch9-16 Telem ON: The PWM receiver interface emits 9 to 16-channel signals and telemetry is activated
Ch1-16 Telem OFF: The PWm interface of the receiver emits signals from 9 to 16 channels and the telemetry is deactivated

Fail-safe setting:

The receiver supports a variety of built-in security protection methods, so you can select the corresponding settings in the remote control. Built-in security mode to customize security protection

Description of the Failsafe mode setting option Failsafe mode:

1. Undefined: If the runaway protection is not set, the remote control will display a corresponding prompt to remind you to set the runaway protection

2. Hold: Hold Failsafe, keep the channel exit at the last moment before losing the signal

3. No pulses: no pulse, when the receiver is out of range of the signal, the output signal of all channels will be stopped

4. Receiver: On the receiver, briefly press the blND button for less than 1 second, the green light of the LEd receiver flashes twice, this will record the current channel values and the positions of the remote control sleeves as security values of the receiver

5. Personalized: Select [Define] to access the next interface, you can set each channel value in this interface, select the lowest

Channels > Failsafe option, you can send the current settings to the receiver as receiver security values

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