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Hoss 4x4 VXL TSM ID RTR 90076-4 Traxxas


New Traxxas HOSS VXL brushless! ref 90076-4

Comes with 2.4ghz radio TSM and without Accus/charger.

Speed Maxi up to 95km/h in Lipo 3S
RTR version already mounted, delivered without battery and charger

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The all-new Hoss 4X4 VXL will give you extreme driving pleasure on a monster truck with the speed and style that only Traxxas can offer. Throw the Hoss around and slide side by side in a cloud of dust - all four tires sink and roll hard, regardless of the rough terrain, and the Traxxas Stability Management System keeps you in control. The Hoss offers unrivalled versatility as Sledgehammer's aggressive tires blow ™ through dirt, sand, mud and snow. Drive harder, go faster, hang on - the legendary Traxxas durability is built into every component. Nothing stops the Hoss!


- Transmission 4WD per cardans
- New chassis 20mm longer than the 2wd
- Automatic rollover system
- Bodywork without clips
- Reinforced front and rear bumpers
- New Sledge Hammer EXT 2.8 tires
- Black Chrome rims
- Wheelie Bar included
- Reinforced triangles
- Mounted on waterproof ball bearings
- Saved servo built in
- Side protections against shocks
- 4mm enhanced rods
- Reinforced differentials like Revo
- Aluminium central cardan
- Cardans side wheels taken from the Slash 4x4
- 32dp crown stronger than 48dp
- Painted and decorated prographix bodywork
- Large race hydraulic shock absorbers
- Waterproof radio case
- New XL Engine


- Radio Traxxas TQi Bluetooth compatible (optional ref TRX-6511)
- TSM receiver (trajectory control and traction)
- VXL-3S waterproof venileon variator
- Brushless engine 540XL 2400kv (36x91mm)
- Waterproof steering servo 2075


- Nimh 8.4v - Report 14/54 - 50km/h
- Lipo 2S - Report 16/54 - 50km/h
- Lipo 3S - Report 14/54 - 65km/h
- Lipo 3S - Report 18/54 - 80km/h
- Lipo 3S - Report 23/54 - 95km/h


- Length: 514mm
- Width: 333mm
- Height: 161mm
- Wheelbase: 295mm
- Ground clearance: 70mm
- Tire diameter: 133mm
- Battery case: 162x50x26-mm (optional 35mm)
- Weight: 2.9kg

Not included:

- Accu Traxxas taken ID Nimh 8.4v or Lipo 2S/3S
- Traxxas compatible charger
- 4 R6 batteries for radio

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