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Typhoon H Pro RTF Yuneec


Hexacopter Typhoon H Stabilized camera CGO3 + ST16S radio + 1x batteries Charger - power supply - adapter - accessories.

  • 6 engines instead of 4 for safety in the event of engine failure
  • Folding arms to make transport easier
  • Nacelle Camera CGO3 UHD 4K 30 FPS unbridled to 360 degrees
  • Retractable train
  • Return HD Video 720p
  • Radio ST16S with 7-inch touchscreen
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Hexacopter Typhoon H Stabilized camera CGO3 + ST16S radio + 1x batteries Charger - power supply - adapter - accessories.

The Typhoon H is a modern photo and video drone, perfect for experienced pilots and photographers.
It offers up to 25 minutes of battery life by filming with the CGO3 camera with a 4K UHD resolution capable of 360-degree filming.
The settings can be set freely and remotely thanks to the ST16 remote control, a simple and intuitive "Ground station" that has a 7-inch Android touchscreen that displays live what is filmed during the flight.

Change your perspective with the Yuneec Typhoon H!

General features:

- Delivered fully assembled, ready to fly
- 6 Engines for safety (Typhoon H flies even with a broken engine)
- Easy driving
- Simple and Stable 360 Aerial Videos
- Folding arms for easy transport
- Retractable train for 360-degree images without obstacles in the field of view
- ST16 transmitter with 7" touchscreen (Android) with secure 5.8GHz video link, rechargeable battery, HD 720P video feedback and telemetry
- HDMI output on the remote control to connect a monitor or FPV glasses
- CGo3 4K ultra-high definition (12.4 megapixel) stabilized 3-axis camera that can rotate 360 degrees
- Just press a button on the remote control to start video recording during the flight or take pictures
- Several modes of flight:
- Smart mode: Perfect for neophytes, the SMART mode uses the relative position of the drone. It will move in the direction or you move the handle, no matter where its nose is pointed. It also defines a circle of security around you, to avoid flying too close to you and your companions
- Follow me: Automatic tracking of the remote control carrier. (activatable only in Smart mode)
- Watch me: When this mode is activated, the camera remains pointed at the remote control carrier. (activatable only in Smart mode)
- Return home: Landings are very safe, just a switch to tip over, and the Typhoon H returns alone to its starting point and lands for you. This is an ideal function for beginners who are not yet ready for this phase, or if you stray too far, and lose the view pattern
- Safe circle: Protected area around the pilot
- Orbit Me: The Typhoon H rotates in a circle around the pilot
- Point of interest: Allows you to circle in 360-degree circles around a subject
- Day: Makes it easier to take perfect aerial selfies
- Waypoints
- Angle mode: This mode is for experienced drivers. The Typhoon H will obey you like a classic radio-controlled model
- Limit of the adjustable flight area (height and distance)
- Your Typhhon H does all the hard work!
- Battery LiPo 4S 14.8V 5400mAh as cartridge
- Flight time of more than 25 minutes
- GPS receiver and Glonass
- View real-time videos on the ST10 transmitter screen
- In addition, the Typhoon H transmits important telemetry data such as altitude, distance, speed relative to ground and battery voltage  
- Driving in mode 1, 2, 3 or 4 (Gas left or right)

CGo3 UHD 4K camera:

The included CGo3 UHD 4K combines an ultra-high-definition camera that can rotate 360 degrees and a stabilized 3-axis brushless pod in a single unit that allows for smooth videos and stunning aerial photos.

Camera technical features:

- Weight: 255g
- Video resolution: UHD 4K 30 FPS Full HD 1080p 24/35/48/50/60/120 FPS
- Photo resolution: 12.4Megapixels
- Sensor: 1/2.3" CMOS
- Goal: wide angle 115 without distortion
- Microphone
- Transmission: 5.2Ghz - 5.8Ghz
- Range: Up to 1600m
- Running voltage: 7 to 14v
- Temperature range: -10C to '40'C
- Storage device: MicroSD (included) Class 10 (4 to 128GB)
- Dimensions: 115x74x135mm

Technical features:

- LxlxH: 520 x 457 x 310 mm (without propellers)
- Diagonal wheelbase: 480mm
- Mass: 1800g (with battery and CGo3 pod)
- Battery: Li-Po 4S 14.8V 5400mA
- Autonomy: Sup. at 25 minutes
- Charger: LiPo 4S 14.81V Dc with adapter 220v
- Radio: ST16 16 lanes 2.4Ghz with touch LCD screen, telemetry and video feedback
- Maximum altitude: 400 Feet (120m) by default (Superior adjustable by PC software)
- Maximum climb rate: 5m/s in smart and angle mode, 13.5m/s in Angle mode
- Maximum downhill rate: 3m/s in smart and angle mode

It is recommended that you review the legislation on this type of model.

1 ST16 transmitter
- 1 CGo3 4K camera nacelle
- 1 Sun shield for the remote control screen
- 1 Batteries LiPo 4S 14.8v 5400mAh
- 1 Charger 12/220V
- 1 USB cable to micro-USB
- 1 Yuneec programming USB key
- 1 Micro-SD card 16 GB
- 1 Tools to mount propellers
- 6 propellers (4-plus spare propellers)
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