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Thermal CGO - and Yuneec camera
  • Thermal CGO - and Yuneec camera
  • Thermal CGO - and Yuneec camera

Thermal CGO - and Yuneec camera


Yuneec this camera Yuneec CGO-and (Economic Thermal) actually including a thermal infrared camera and an HD 1080 p camera low light.

-Double thermal camera and HD 1080 p
-Stabilized on basket 3-axis brushless
-Before and measure temperatures
-Choice of the color spectrum
-Compatible Typhoon H and H520

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CGOET Double infrared and low light for H & H520 Typhoon.

The CGOET is an innovative combination of thermal imaging and camera low light with pod 3 axes, capable of a full 360 ° rotation. With the thermal imaging camera, the image temperature is measured in a selective way and indicates the temperature differences. The camera RGB to residual light sensitivity 20 times greater than that of the human eye and captures excellent images, especially in low light conditions.

The CGOET is available for the Typhoon H (article number: YUNCGOETEU) or the H520 (item number: YUNETEU).

Exchange hot

The nacelle on the drone's quick locking mechanism allows quick and efficient cameras Exchange. The CGOET for H520, like all systems of commercial cameras Yuneec allows Exchange to hot, which minimizes downtime and improve productivity. The combination camera-pod CGOET can be exchanged for a combination camera-nacelle E90 or E50, without having to turn off the power and restart the drone.

360 degree rotation

The nacelle of the CGOET is capable of a 360 ° continuous rotation. This unique feature, combined with the H H520/Typhoon retractable landing gear, offers the user a view unobstructed and 360 °, as well as the ability to pan the camera continuously without having to move the drone.

Dual purpose

The camera low light 1080 and the thermal imaging camera combine to overlay RGB and IR in order to get a clear and accurate picture. Capture video and infrared images with identical positioning via a single flight plan. Focus on the relevant image areas via detection of the CGOET adjustable temperature scale. Different spectrums of color allow a precise visualization of heat sources.

Multipurpose thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is high quality for solar inspection, security, fire fighting, rescue and construction research.  The Yuneec CGOET provides not only thermal images, but also images in low light, ideal for surveillance in dark environments or in the dark. The thermal images and RGB are recorded simultaneously to separate flows and thus facilitate reading and editing.

CGOET for H520

Compared to the CGOET for Typhoon H, CGOET for H520 includes new features:

-Thermal images improved
-Adjustable overlay
-Ranges of temperatures for different application areas: solar, gas, search and rescue, and much more
-Additional colour palettes

Double image available camera system

-Double image available camera system
-Different spectrums of color allow a precise visualization of heat sources
-Scale of detection of temperature adjustable to focus on relevant areas
-Mounted IR on bucket for a fluid display of detection
-The large RBG sensor detects more details in the dark than the human eye and is ideal for monitoring.
-Double simultaneous HD recording and infrared
-Both images are broadcast simultaneously in real time and can be viewed on the ST16S control station. The flow can be separated and viewed as an image in the image or overlay full-screen.
-Two versions available: CGOET for Typhoon H - YUNCGOETEU / CGOET for H520: YUNETEU

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