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Chasing Dory underwater drone



The smallest and most affordable next-generation underwater drone.

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The smallest and most affordable next-generation underwater drone.

Chasing suggests using Dory in calm waters. Stay away from fast currents and high-wave waters. Dory's Wi-Fi buoy connects wirelessly to your mobile device or tablet up to 15m away and with a 15m attachment between the drone and the buoy, you have great freedom to explore.


- Tilt mode - 45
- One hour
- Goal 1080p f / 1.6
- Personalize visual effects
- GPS Wi-Fi Buoy
- 15m waterproof
- Sharing on social networks

Imagine holding the ocean in the palm of your hand.
Smaller than a standard sheet of paper, Dory can fit in a backpack and be easily transported where you want to use it. Dory is 56% lighter and 65% smaller than our previous Gladius Mini drone.

Get the perfect angle - Point DORY down or up to capture incredible angles of underwater life. This feature ensures the best angles you can get underwater.

High Precision Positioning - The Wi-Fi GPS buoy provides accurate readings, so you always know your location. With our incredible anti-loss warning feature, you'll never lose DORY.

Lock your depth level - With Depth Lock, you can maintain stability underwater at the precise depth you choose.

Capture living underwater life.
One hour of exploration - The 4800 mAh battery offers a full-charge battery life of one hour. Only droneneeds charge - not all components like in other drones.

Bright photos in all conditions - Dory's 1080p camera pushes the limits of what's possible with an f/1.6 aperture for low-light visibility.

Ideal lighting for exploration.
Dory is equipped with two lights of 250 lumens that illuminate the waters without overwhelm the inhabitants of the ocean.

Restore true colors underwater
Our color restoration algorithm keeps photos dynamic in all conditions. Personalize visual effects with 19 image filters and simple video editing.

Intuitive Commands, Plug, Dive - Play.
No complicated remote control is required - just an intuitive app directly on your mobile device. Control everything from diving to tilting to maintaining a specific depth, from the convenience of your phone and our virtual controllers.

Innovative Dual Play mode.
DORY's dual play mode places one person at the controls of the drone and one person in camera modes for maximum fun.

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