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Air Tractor 1.50m BNF Basic AS3X SAFE E-Flite


Air Tractor 1.50m BNF Basic AS3X SAFE E-Flite - EFL16450

The 1.5 m "aerial tractor"' E-flite® is an easy-to-fly model of the crop sprayer and an excellent first low-wing model. It is equipped with LEDs and shutters and can be equipped with optional floats and skis.

In the BNF Basic version you will need a minimum 6-way Spektrum radio, a 3/4S 2200 battery at 3200 EC3/IC3 socket and a charger.

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Air Tractor 1.50m BNF Basic AS3X SAFE E-Flite - EFL16450


Founded in 1978, Air Tractor, based in Texas, is a leading manufacturer of aircraft built for agriculture, firefighting and other utility applications. Air Tractor aircraft are used in more than 30 countries around the world to fly over fields and forests. THE AT-500 series of agricultural aircraft first flew in the United States on April 25, 1986. Since then, it has become one of the world's most popular families of general aviation aircraft, with single-turboprop aircraft used for crop processing, firefighting and other applications. Finished in the factory according to the familiar decoration scheme of yellow and blue decoration at high visibility, with lines of molded panels, rivets and more, the E-flite® Air Tractor 1.5m offers a superb mock-up look that you'll be proud to show everywhere you fly. It is also equipped with LED navigation and landing lights, slot flaps and oversized tires. Plus, it's efficient, but easy to fly, making it an ideal choice for your first - or next - model or low-wing aircraft.


- Replica to the scale of the agricultural utility aircraft, including moulded panel lines, rivets and more
- Easy to fly, making it a perfect choice for a first model or low-wing model
- Short take-off and landing (ADAC) and mock-up flight capabilities, sport and aerobatics
- 3S and 4S high-powered engine compatible with the ESC 50A and the brushless engine with tripal propeller
- Functional slit flaps for shorter take-offs/landings and better slow speed management
- Six sturdy servos with metal gables, fitted in the factory.
- Spektrum™ AR637T receiver with full telemetry and DSMX® technology (BNF® Basic version only)
- Easy to fly thanks to the innovative and optional protection of the SAFE® Select flight envelope (BNF version® Basic only)

- Stability and unrivalled feel of exclusive AS3X® technology (BNF® Basic version only)
- Robust landing gear with oversized tires for use on various surfaces
- Optional floats with steerable rudder (EFL5261, sold separately)
- Scale skis to fly on snow (EFLA970, sold separately)
- Functional and installed LED landing, navigation and strobe lights
- Painted in a factory and model finish, with high-visibility decoration
- Lightweight but solid construction in reinforced EPO composite
- Quick and easy bolting assembly - no need for glue
- Two-part wing easy to install and carry


Air Tractor and utility aircraft have earned a reputation for handling, incredible capabilities and unmatched versatility. These qualities are reflected in this 1.5 m scale replica of the E-flite® Air Tractor to make it a low-wing model on a scale perfect for intermediate and experienced RC pilots. The engine specially dedicated to the tripal propeller is combined with a 50 amp ESC to deliver fantastic sports aerobatic performance with LiPo 3S 2200-3200mAh batteries. You can also install a 4S battery for more power and unlimited vertical ascent capacity without the need for modifications or upgrades. Functional slot flaps improve low-speed handling while providing short take-off and landing capabilities (ADAC). A sturdy landing gear with oversized wheels and tires allows the aerial tractor to fly on paved surfaces, grass, dirt, gravel or other surfaces in any RC-sized park or airfield. Add large ponds or small lakes to your possible flight sites by installing optional floats (EFL5261, sold separately) - or set the skis to scale (EFLA970, also sold separately) to take off and land on the snow. The paint and decals applied in the factory provide excellent visibility and a striking model appearance, accentuated by navigation lights, strobe lights and LED landing lights. The E-flite® 1.5 m aerial tractor offers a unique flying feel that many pilots will enjoy, even if it's your first model or low-wing model.

Technical features:

Flying Weight: 1681 - 1766g
Length: 977.9mm
Minimum Required Radio: 6-ch (sold separately)
Motor Size: 10 size brushless outrunner
Recommended Motor Battery: 2200 - 3200mAh 3S - 4S (sold separately)
Servos: Four micro metal gear, two micro    
Technology: AS3X,SAFE Select
Transmitter Range as Full
Trimscheme Colors: Full
Wing Area: 30.5 sq dm
Wing Loading: 1.17 sq dm
Wingspan: 1499 mm

Items required:

- DSMX®/DSM2 5-6-channel transmitter Spektrum™
- LiPo 3S 11.1V or 4S 14.8V 2200-3200mAh with EC3™ or IC3™ Connector
- LiPo compatible charger

Kit content :

    (1) Air tractor E-flite® 1.5 m with:
        (1) ESC brushless 50A (installed)
        (1) Brushless engine (installed)
        (4) Micro servos with metal gables (installed)
        (2) Micro servos (installed)
        (1) Spektrum receiver™ 6 channels AR637T (installed)
    (1) Product Manual

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Reference: SPMR6750EU

Brand: Spektrum

Radio Spektrum DX6 V2 (G2)

The Spektrum DX6 is the evolution of the famous DX6i. It is equipped of the integrated telemetry and a innovative voice system. This new DX6 is Multimode, that is to say that the user can easily switch from one flight to another mode (mode 1,2,3,4). Delivered without receiver transmitter. This generation 2 has diversity antennas and a rate of pulses to 11MS

Price €165.83

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