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Formula 1 CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R KIT 1/10 Carisma


Carisma Formula 1 CRF-GT Pagani Zonda R KIT 1/10 - 79968

2WD Formula 1 Mounting Kit

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Pagani is one of the best known companies in the industry. Since 1992, this Italian manufacturer produces Supercars that have given the most established names of this genre more. The original Zonda and all its evolutions have become among the most emblematic Italian Supercars in history. A model, the Zonda R has always been our favorite.


- Racing chassis made entirely of carbon fiber, aeronautical quality alloy and composite components.
- Unique front bulkhead design for multiple configurations and ease of adjustment on the fly.
- Rear pivot support with innovative side shock sliders and optional two-tier suspension configuration.
- Every aspect of geometry is fully adjustable to fit any track/surface condition.
- Chassis and geometry tested in the real world. No theory, no simulation, proven in racing.
- The body of the Zonda R is made of polycarbonate, screen-printed to replicate the matte/dry carbon look of the original cars.
- Includes a complete and detailed decal sheet.

Front train
- Adjustable hunting angle with washers from 0 to 14 degrees
- Holds allow the body to be adjusted up to -3 degrees, the roll centre and the body height
- Metal kneecaps ensure a great freedom of suspension triangles. The support of these arms is made of aluminum.
- The reinforced rockets allow the steering rods to be fixed 2 fixing points. The wheel axes are long to adapt to a multitude of tires and easily adjust the width of the front train.
- Springs mounted on axes ensure the suspension of this train.
- The ackerman is adjustable in 3 positions.
- Alu steering back and mounted with ball bearings.
- The lower suspension arms form only one block for stiffness and avoid "tweak"

- The angles of the central pivot are increased to favour a large rear pod travel - an advantage for slightly pisteed tracks Bumpy.
- The pod is made up of aluminum parts and the height of case is adjustable via holds that fit under the bearings of the rear axis.
- The pod allows you to install easily a fan to cool the engine and it accepts all ETS-approved fins on the market.
- The position of the fin is obviously adjustable.

- The side angle of the rear pod is adjustable with wedges
- The springs are compatible with those of the front train.
- Threaded side shock absorbers accept any type of spring 1/2th and may be filled with oil or grease depending on the desired settings.
- The central shock absorber has a long race to ensure perfect handling no matter what the track conditions.

The chassis accepts all ETS-approved fins on the market.

Need not included:

- Radio - receiver - servo
- Variator - engine
- Accu - charger
- Tires - rims
- Lexan painting

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