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SCX10 II Unimog UMG10 4WD 1/10 RTR axial



Axial® introduces a 1/10 scale truck Kit for experienced drivers that includes the rugged SCX10™ II chassis with an aggressive front body. Mount the kit according to your personal specifications-a 2-speed set of gears is also available as an option-and en route on any trail!

Kit version sold without electronics or rechargeable batteries.


-Wheelbase 304.8 mm
-Width 241mm
-Length 559mm
-Height 235mm
-Ground clearance 77mm
-Weight 2.4 kgr (with electronics)

Required to start (not included):

-Battery Ni-MH or Li-Po 2S or 3S + charger.
-4 x AA batteries for the radio.

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The all-terrain performance of the kit is more than the height of the vehicles that inspire it. Its proven SCX10™ transmission combines the realistic aspect with the durability of all-metal internal sprockets. A full set of ball bearings is included. A 2-speed gear set is available separately (optional part AX31440), for manufacturers wishing to install a functional low/high speed transmission-an additional servo for the gear shift fork is also necessary.

In addition to adding realism to scale, the AR44™ monoblock axles have a high sprocket design with a much lower transmission ratio than most cars on the market, for increased strength. It also avoids the twists often linked to the smallest sets of gears. Just like drivetrain and axles, the Steering servo mounted on the kit chassis enhances the realistic look, while providing the right steering geometry without virtually any blow in it.

Enjoy the advanced performance and realism of the front cabin with the latest axial and enjoy the proven chassis of the SCX10 II. Product in Kit, it gives you the freedom to personalize and add your favorite radio and electronic devices for a custom machine according to your own tastes.


The kit comes with a realistic front cabin body with military design. The important approach angle created by its design allows the UMG10™ to take steep slopes. Its 11.4 "wheelbase (288 mm) helps agility on challenging terrain.


It includes a spare wheel holder and a hinged design that allows easy access to the battery and components on board. The body and the rollbar are bolted together. The hinge at the rear of the chassis will tilt the body and cage up and forward


Detail the inside of your UMG10 Kit with the supplied parts. Choose from three head cover models for the driver's head. Gearshift levers, steering wheel and stickers are also included.


In total, eight LED mounting slots are located throughout the vehicle. Four lights can be mounted on the front grille, two on the front bumper and two on the rear frame plate. (LEDs are not included)


The SCX10™ transmission reproduces a real transmission with a bell housing, an oil sump and a 4X4 transfer box. By placing the transfer box lower in the chassis and centring the drive shafts with the axle entry housings, axial has created a more efficient kinematic chain with improved transmission shaft angles to reduce the stresses on moving parts. The transmission also includes a full set of fully metallic ball bearings and internal gears.

• The transfer box design allows you to keep the drive shafts centered and as low as possible in the chassis.
• Range of final gear ratios 33.69-54.15 with combinations of sprockets and gears available.
• Comes with a straight gear of 56T and a sprocket of 15T/32 not for durability.
• Fully metallic internal gears for sturdiness and durability
• Final gear ratio (FDR) 40.44 with a range of 33.69-54.15
• Scale reproduction of a four-wheel drive transmission size.


To achieve a realistic appearance, axial moved the servo from the top of the axle to the chassis, just as a real truck has its Steering box located on the chassis. The front suspension design is as close as possible to a seamless steering to give you the best driving sensation possible.

• Realistic appearance with suspension geometry
• Anodised aluminium links included with end caps
M4 rod
• Adjustable servo mounting system for the use of a wide range of servos
• Well-designed suspension for near-zero Steering in case of blows


The AR44™ axle is equipped with a high sprocket set for a much lower gear ratio than most cars and increased strength. The gear set overcomes torque torsion often associated with smaller gear sets. The axle itself retains the well-known resistance of the SCX10, although it is delivered in a smaller version.

• High sprocket gears for increased ground clearance and better drive shaft angles
• High-pinion design increases the contact surface of the gear for greater resistance over time.
• Wider bearings around the gear set reduce bending and reinforce transmission.
• Monobloc axle housing for more robustness
• fully metal-monobloc design in front and rear
• Optimized gear ratio reduces torque torsion


The UMG10 Kit includes a full set of 1.9 MW19 wheels, as well as a spare wheel mounted to the rear of the truck. This is a three-piece wheel design, using six screws that help the wheel firmly tighten the MT45 tires. The wheel nut Cap resembles a receptacle for a simulated Central tyre inflation system. The wheels are molded in black plastic and feature a standard 12 mm hex hub.


• New military-type wheels of 1.9 MW19 and tires 1.9 MT45 (4, 6x1, 4R1, 9).
• Includes a functional spare tire
The WB8 HD Wildboar™ front and rear drive shafts have a new design with a larger diameter transverse axle (2x11mm) and a M4 (2mm hex) screw shaft for sturdiness. A central spline slide connects each end and benefits from the addition of a material that reduces bending and wear.
• 3-piece drive shaft with reinforced sliding floating tube
• Increased surface at the link between the bearings and the output shaft tubes
• The 2x11mm cross-pin adds 25% more surface area for greater kneecap strength.
• Cross-pin design eliminates old adjustment screws for durability and ease of maintenance.
• Adjustable length drive parts included in the box


The dual-disc design uses one disc on either side of the right gear to increase the contact surface. This provides greater power and precision. It is equipped with a robust 32-step gearing for high torque applications.
• Dual-disc design uses one disc on either side of the right gear to increase the contact surface
• greater power and precision
• Robust 32P step gear for high torque applications


The realistic high-strength C-profile chassis frame is made of durable steel with cross bracing for reinforcement and maintained with hexagonal fasteners. The frame and the realistic sleepers improve the rigidity of the chassis (torsion stiffness). Realistic shock bars with multiple shock mount positions allow you to adjust your suspension for maximum performance. The simplified design makes maintenance and Assembly quick and easy. The profiled protection plate greatly reduces the field snaps. In relation to the previous design, additional holes have been added to the rear part of the frame rails to adjust the wheelbase.


The geometry of the suspension uses a 4-arm design for the rear which is optimized to reduce the steering of the axle and torque torsion. It also helps in steep climbs by having good roll qualities. The 4-link system also helps prevent suspension movements in high-power applications.

• All metal, including steering.
• Large M4 ball ends
• Grey anodized aluminium


Length: 455 mm
Width: 230 mm
Height: 245 mm
Ground clearance: 66 mm
Wheelbase: 288 inches
Track: 230 mm
Suspension: rigid axle, front and rear
Damper type: 61-90 mm aluminum
Transmission: 4X4
Differential: 30T/8T conical gear
Wheel type: black plastic Beadlock
Wheel diameter: 48.3 mm
Wheel width: 25 mm
Tyre composition: SBR 30
Tyre tread: axial MT45
Tyre diameter: 116.8 mm (4.6 inches)
Pinion: 15T
Spur gear: 56T
Not speed: 32P

Required to start (not included):

-Battery, radio, servos, motor, controller, Lexan paint.