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Citroën DS19 + DS convertible 1/16 Heller case



Citroën DS19 + DS convertible 1/16 Heller case

Model to climb and paint. Paint and glue not included.

Model dimensions: 29 x 11 cm
314 parts

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The direction of CITROËN, estimated that the standard of living of the French and the Europeans will rise, we just successfully launch the 2 CV and must find an heiress to the 15 and 11 CV. This is the VGD (car to Grande Diffusion) project, the first of which sketches date back to 1945, which takes shape. In the directed by André LEFEBVRE who opts resolutely for innovative all-round. The body will be the field of Flaminio Bertoni, the suspension of Paul Magès. For the motorization, Pierre Bercot resumed the study of the old 1911 cm3 D engine. End of 1954, the project is frozen as a whole. October 1955, the 42nd motor show. The first thing that strikes is its aesthetics, the unheard. She will share the France into two: the "for" and "against". But the novel is not limited to bodywork, the hydropneumatic suspension provides superb comfort with four independent wheels, plastic becomes an important part of the body with the flag of the rear window as well as light alloys for the hood. Follow as many new details: the steering wheel from a branch to the flashing time zones through doors without glass amounts.


-Wheelbase: 3.125 m
-Width: 1,790 m
-Overall length: 4,830 m
-Height: 1,470 m
-Weight empty: 1185 kg
-Clutch: FERODO
-4 speeds including 3 synchronized
-Engine: 4-cylinder 1911 cm3 lines
-Suspension: hydropneumatic
-4 independent wheels
-Power: 75 HP at 4500 RPM
-Braking: assisted 4-wheel disc front/drum rear
-Carburetion: WEBER 24/30 DCLC or ZENITH 24/30 RCTs
-Steering: steering gear.

Model plastic to build and paint.

Glue brushes and paint not included.

Model dimensions: 29 x 11 cm
314 parts