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Scooter, hoverboard, Scooter, electric bike
Personal, hoverboard, Scooter, electric bike

Scooter, hoverboard, Scooter, electric bike

Today more and more used, the SegwayHowerdoardsscooters or bikes have everything to please: they are practical, playful and friendly to the environment. All these new means of electric locomotion agree both to lovers of sliding sport to urban dwellers seeking more pleasant and economic means of transport.

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Reference: NH33004

Brand: Ninco

Hoverboard Balance Hammer electric all-Terrain + bag Ninco

Ideal for moving quickly in the city or elsewhere, this All-terrain hoverboard offers real comfort of use and provides new sensations. FREE carry bag! You just have to tilt forward toward the front or back forward or backward. To turn, you will need to increase pressure on one of your legs. Trust the machine, it will take care of the balance. All-Terrain...

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