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Boat model kits or plans to build.

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    By winning the first two races, the schooner Endeavour had put a serious mortgage on the Cup. The third race was the most exciting. The mounting box contains: keel and pre-cut wooden frames; Bridge and noble wood siding; doubls rimmed wooden Basswood and mahogany; superstructures in pre-cut wood and metal; photo engravings; masts and rigging; sails in...

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    Warship Admiral Christopher Colombus, the Santa Maria, the browser called "Nao", is one of the most famous ships in the history of navigation.This type of ship was certainly from the Cantabrian coast and originally named La Gallega.Its owner, Juan de la Cosa, took part in the expedition of Columbus. Code : 1409Scale : 1:65 Length : 54 cm Pre-cut pieces...

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    Baptized "Ormen Lange" (Long Serpent) by King Olaf Tryggvesso, the longship was the most famous warship of its time. Adorned with a bow at the top of dragon figure, he could reach considerable dimensions (up to 48 m in length).Protected by very high nettings, with overlapping rows of bordes, the drakkar has to be light and extremely handy. Keel, frames...

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    Edward England, the scourge of the seas; John "Calico" Rackam, who shared his exploits with his partner, Anne Bonny. Bartholomew Roberts, pirate by passion; Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. At the helm of their ships, these characters of legend were at the head of violent crews and without a homeland, the assault boats and cities to loot their...

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    Typical boat of whaler, the bunk plating, used in New Bedford until 1860.Lightweight and robust, both with a bow and a similar sterns, the whaling boat could carry more than 6 crew members and a quarantine of objects for navigation and hunting. Mounting box designed with care, for long hours of construction and maximum pleasure. The kit includes the false...

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    Famous Latin, from the Berber pirates chebec sail boat. With 14 guns of medium caliber and 6 colubrines for close fighting, the vessel was also used by the Spanish to their coastal defence and to fight hackers Algerians on equal terms.The oars could also sail when the wind was not favourable. Code: 1427Scale: 1: 60Length: 72 cm Pre-cut pieces to the laser...

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    The need to procure wood, myrrh and a gold alloy called "electrum", pushed the Egyptians to build boats to travel to Syria and crossing the Red Sea. A bas-relief from the temple of King Sahure led to the construction of this model plans. Code: 1403Scale: 1:50Length: 35 cm Pre-cut pieces to the laser very precisely, wood and deck fittings of beautiful...

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    The Pirate ship is one of the most requested models by modellers around the world. Actually there is no real pirate ship, because pirates used all of the captured boats, adapting them to their needs. You don't need special tools to build this model, a few drops of wood glue and lots of imagination will be sufficient. You can enrich your hull, according to...

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    The Galleon is the boat of the imagination by excellence. Each of these ships could carry treasures or secrets, could sail with elegance and at the same time turn it into a pirate ship, like the Revenge of Sir Francis Drake. The construction of this model, like the others in the series 'First Step', requires neither specific knowledge in the ship model,...

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    Small cargo ship with two masts, used on the Adriatic Sea. The mounting box contains: keel, frames and pre-cut wooden bridges. all accessories; tarpaulin sails. Code: 1562Length: 40 cm Pre-cut pieces to the laser very precisely, wood and deck fittings of beautiful quality, plans and building instructions detailed.

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    When general George Washington took command of the army, he realized he did not have a capable to compete with the powerful British Navy fleet. Washington bought the schooner Hannah, first ship sponsored by the Continental Army. Code: 1355Scale: 1/300Boat length: 9.5 cm Pre-cut pieces to the laser very precisely, wood and deck fittings of beautiful...

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    First flight across the English channel!Splendid wooden model, photoetch, metal, canvas (for wings) parts, brass, in the tradition of beautiful models Amati. Manual with plan and detailed instructions. Code: 1712/01Scale: 1/10Span: 84cmLength : 80 cm

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    The Italian Runabout is the last heir of the great tradition of the wooden Riva motorboats. It is still made according to the techniques of 30 years ago. Navigable model. Code: 1608Scale: 1:10Length: 86 cm Pre-cut pieces to the laser very precisely, wood and deck fittings of beautiful quality, plans and building instructions detailed.

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    Magnificent 1/32 scale replica of a car from the Orient Express wagon company, CIWL by Amati. Glue Assembly of the many parts of metal and wood pre-cut laser, this kit does not require any skill other than the care and the method. Manual with detailed plan and instructions. Code: 1714/01Scale: 1/32length : 73 Cm

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